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Oulu Finland & Edinburgh Scotland STEAM Artist in Residence

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Oct 1 2020 - July 2021

Imagining An Island (Online and In Gallery)

August 1 2020 - TBD

Photography Down The Line (Podcast)

Recorded July 15 2020

Royal Scottish Academy Open

March 27 - May 3 2020


Penumbra Foundation: 

Center for Alternative Photography

In House

Gum Oil


March 19 - 21 2021

The Gumoil process is a relatively new photographic printing process developed in the 90's by Karl Koenig. The process has similarities in different ways from physical application to visual asthetics such as bromoil, gum bichromate, lith, liquid emulsion and photo etching creating a matrix of light sensitive gum arabic which is hand applied to printmaking paper, exposed, dried, then 'inked' with oil paints, washed and brightened. The process is slow and a little tricky but with patience yields beautiful and expressive fine art prints which can be colourised in a great number of ways. We'll be using the more environmentally (and human) friendly version of the process substituting dichromates for diazo sensitiser but we will have time to discuss the differences between different sensitising and clearing chemicals as well as a discussion of more advanced options.



March 27 & 28 2021

The mordancage process was initially created to apply as a film reversal process and was later named the 'Etch/bleach' process. In this workshop participants will learn how to apply the mordancage chemistry to achieve painterly and illustrative effects including bleach/etch, veils, and redevelopment.

We will discuss chemical mixing, safety and disposal. Workshop participants will use black and white darkroom processes.  


Digital Negatives


Dec 5 2020

This workshop is designed to give you an accessible guide to the basics of digital negatives. Perfect for those looking to get started on a project from home with the tools and materials you already have. We'll begin with a digital image which could be a scan of a negative or a digital file from any camera - and work through turning this image into a negative to contact print whatever size you want within the parameters of your printer. 

DIY Darkroom 


Saturdays Feb 6 - 27   2021

This DIY Darkroom course is divided in 4 segments:
#1: Lo-fi Darkroom
#2: DIY Cameras & Developers
#3: Camera-less Photography
#4: Historic Process
Access to water will be necessary for all courses
some materials may need to be sourced either from your local supermarket or ordered online. Segment 3 space that can be made 'light safe' DIY film developer using some household ingredients which will be fun and environmentally friendly learning a bit about photographic chemistry.


Stills Centre for Photography

In House



Fairfield University: The Fredrickson Family Innovation Lab

Introduction to Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, Photoshop and Lightroom (Online)

Oct 8 2020

This virtual workshop will introduce the Adobe Creative Suite. Interested members of the Fairfield community will be given a photo-based overview of applications in Adobe CS. Topics include image sizing for web or print application and an introduction to image corrections in Adobe Camera Raw. This Instagram-focused workshop is for all students and is meant to offer ways to professionally present a cohesive narrative or concept, as well as a stronger general platform presence.

Introduction to Adobe Spark (Online)

Nov 12 2020 

This virtual workshop will introduce the Adobe Creative Suite. Interested members of the Fairfield community will also learn how to use Adobe Spark to develop a virtual portfolio showcasing their original art, writing, or data visualization. The workshop will integrate using Adobe CS to edit your images as well as how to curate your series in order to tell a story or communicate an idea effectively in Adobe Spark. You will learn how to transform your portfolio to creatively relay your concepts and intentions to your colleagues, audience, and potential employers.


I offer instruction on a number of photographic related areas from technical to theory and criticism. I am always interested in potential collaborations or invitations to come teach at your venue or you can arrange tuition with me via or online on Zoom.  I have set rates and will try to accommodate special projects of interest but I am not able to provide volunteer work. 


Clients / Institutions 

The Royal College of Art

The Scottish Parliament

Edinburgh Science Festival 

ACTINIC Festival

St Andrews Photography Festival

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Stills Centre For Photography

IKON Photographic Materials Group Photo Conservators

National Library Scotland Collection Care

College of Southern Maryland 

University of Wisconsin

Oxbridge Programs

Volunteer Scotland

Streetlevel Photoworks

Double Negative Darkroom

Adrian Ensor

RSA Residents

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