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Brittonie Fletcher

Multimedia Artist Specialising in

Chemical and Hybrid Photography

Hi there.


I'm going to skip the 3rd person, it's so tired.


 I'm an American-British artist working between the United Kingdom and United States. 

I have an MFA in contemporary fine art, a Post Graduate Certification in Teaching Higher Education and a Bachelor's in Photography and Sculpture.  A CV and references can be supplied. 


I do consulting and mentorship for students, educators and makers. I have a free 15-minute meeting, you can book to discuss potential projects or hire me for education or other services.


I'm a working-class (poverty-class after the student loans) artist and appreciate all the support I can get. I'm dyslexic with spelling and grammar being a significant weak point. I'm not a 'content creator'. Unfortunately, I can't afford to do volunteer work or consulting. Click here to buy me a coffee (Ko-Fi!) 


My website is in no way the majority of my projects. My Instagram has a lot of Behind the Scenes snaps from classes with the odd WIP from me along with a usually up-to-date Of my curatorial work, my most significant undertaking was/is the ACTINIC Festival

I have a biannual newsletter you can sign up for below. I will cover news, exhibitions, and upcoming classes. 

Opposite: Tintype Self-Portrait
Brittonie Fletcher

Enquiries & Mailing List
may send out a Biannual newsletter, I promise not to spam you. 

Thanks for submitting!


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