I suffer from Co-Morbid Severe Clinical Depression.

I had been struggling with image making from the basic act of making work to getting usable negatives. 

Change Approach. 

I purchased my first view camera and I met a man off Craigslist who had a lens for sale. Not knowing what to look for when purchasing a lens and how to tell when something is wrong apart from going over the shutter functions I purchased the Schneider 100. It was not long after I realised I'd purchased a broken lens. 

I bought some saturated colour Readyload film and forced myself to go outside on sunny days. I walked a quarter mile area of the neighbourhood I grew up in and continued to live in of Mission Hill, Boston documenting the detritus left on the street, overgrown lots and cracks. 

One man's trash is another's treasure as they say. 

This is a self portrait.