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Photographs from Orkney

A week-long cultural exchange in Orkney sponsored by Highland Park responding to The Days Never Seem The Same Exhibition of Gunnie Moberg and Margaret Tait. 

There is a connectivity between all things and a reciprocal relationship in nature, between humans and the environment, between what we see and where we find meaning. The randomness of existence and an exploration in perception, mark making and interpretation.

Ambit Review in Photomonitor 

by Tom Jeffreys 

"... Brittonie Fletcher walk<s> the shoreline...  presenting work from a Stills-hosted research residency on Orkney focusing on the work of Gunnie Moberg and Margaret Tait.

Fletcher is probably the most technically experimental artist across both exhibitions. With a focus on the texture of the image, an interest in geology, and a glimpse of the power of the Orkney winds, Fletcher’s diverse works include a hand-applied liquid emulsion print of the marks made by grass in the sand (Signs and Symbols, 2018); ten exquisitely detailed chemograms{sic} (Rock Portraits, 2019); and a pair of silver gelatine prints that show the shore grasses sculpted into ridges by the force of the wind (Grasses: North then West, 2018) reminiscent perhaps of Richard Long’s A Line Made By Walking (1967). Her C-print of an unidentified found object, The Disc (2018) is an extraordinary swirling galaxy of tones and textures – copper, bronze, turquoise against a black void of a backdrop. ."

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