Hardcore and the Gentle

Collaborative Site Specific Installation 

The Hardcore and the gentle was a collaborative installation between sculptor Simone Pereira Hinde, curator Kate Grenyer and myself with commissioned audio by Dylan Ross presented at Edinburgh College of Art initially with invitations to exhibit at other venues later.

We both work directly with the materiality of light, responsive surfaces, upcycled materials and power, effect, and nature, often physical of these spaces on the mind and the body. The room's ambiance was created to disrupt conventional behaviors and expectations of the public while evoking the liminal space between the holy building and abandoned building. We question art as experience and the understanding of public versus private. 

Window, duct tape, cardboard boxes, smashed safety glass, a cooling humidifier, specially created scent, and audio. Guests were invited to walk on the broken glass. 

Kate Grenyer's Text

Audio Hardcore and the Gentle