Burn the Sea, 2015

I was invited to participate in Mike Crawford's group project Obsolete and Discontinued now both a long  touring exhibiton and well recieved publication with forward by Brigitte Lardinois. 

In thinking about the project- the title something no longer deemed valuable or useful, something we discard I made connections to literature I was reading and current global events. I had reached a point in the The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon where I had to take a break to recover from a tradjedy. While logging on to social media as a distraction some new photos and articlas streaming through my feed of another horrific tradgedy involving refugees attempting to get to safety in  Europe via the Mediterranean. History repeats itself.


The boat was folded out of the world news section of a newspaper.  Mike sent me expired Kodak Bromide which I used as a paper negative. Mordançage is an unpredictable, caustic and destructive process.