Pandemic Wall

Cyanotype Photograms on Salvaged Amazon Boxes, 2021

This piece is a thoughtful response to the pandemic, our experiences, and the environment. Upcycled shipping boxes were selected as a substrate for cyanotype photographs of objects telling a relatable story of our experience within the pandemic. This is an observation of the "Amazonification,"  E-commerce while at times the disposable nature of the items we have come to rely on. These items also reflect on how we've become more self-reliant. creative problem solvers, enjoyed the outdoors more and found or rediscovered ways to connect with our communities.

This is an assemblage of prints made with and inspired by a STEAM artist residency working with  S2 students from James Gillespie's  High during  Sept 2020 through June of 2021. 

Supported by The Finnish Institute,  Edinburgh City Council, and OULU2026